Does the usage form "Lightsail + a bunch of ec2 instances" violates the Service Terms of Amazon Lightsail?


Say a usage of Lightsail could be like below:

A bunch of Lightsail instances act as customized api gateway which are open to the public internet. When a Lightsail instance receives an API request from the internet, it will proxy this request to one ec2 of the ec2 cluster via VPC peering. Like below:

API request from the Internet <--> Lightsails (act like api gateway) <--proxy--> EC2 cluster (cloud be an autoscaling group or spot fleet, or both of them)

So the question is does such usage above violate the Service Terms?

Thanks a lot. Waiting for your answer :-)



51.3. You may not use Amazon Lightsail in a manner intended to avoid incurring data fees from other Services (e.g., proxying network traffic from Services to the public internet or other destinations or excessive data processing through load balancing or content delivery network (CDN) Services as described in the technical documentation), and if you do, we may throttle or suspend your data services or suspend your account.

In my case, the ec2 in the backend is just processing a request and not proxy traffic from Services like S3, maybe it's OK with the Service Term?

And here is also an article:

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What is your intent for doing this? Are you intending to avoid data charges?

Lightsail is kind of a quick simple version of EC2 for users who need very simple, single server instance solutions. If you are just proxying traffic to EC2, your actions definitely appear to be sketchy, especially if going to advanced EC2 features like and auto-scaling group.

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  • Thank you for your reply :-) To be honest I'm a little confused. If Lightsail is only allowed for "very simple & single server instance" scenarios, why does it provide a lot of features like load balancing and VPC peering? If the user of Lightsail cannot use it with EC2, then just state it clearly or simply don't provide features like VPC peering. Please forgive me, but I must admit that the current Service Terms of Lightsail are rather vague: "There are a lot of features, but use them carefully. If there is something not clear, you should guess by yourself. And finally, if we think there is something wrong, we will throttle your use case"... Not to offense, I'm just too confused :-D

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