Sagemaker batch transform 415 error


Hi, I need to run XGBoost inferences on 15MM samples (3.9Gb when stored as csv). Since Batch transform does not seem to work on such large batches (max payload 100MB) I split my input file into 646 files, each around 6Mb, stored in S3. I am running the code below:

transformer = XGB.transformer(
    instance_count=2, instance_type='ml.c5.9xlarge',


But the job fails - Sagemaker tells "ClientError: Too many objects failed. See logs for more information" and cloudwatch logs show:

Bad HTTP status returned from invoke: 415
'NoneType' object has no attribute 'lower'

Did I forget something in my batch transform settings?

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Accepted Answer

This indicates that the algorithm thinks it has been passed bad data. Perhaps a problem with your splitting?

I would suggest two things:

  1. Try running the algorithm on the original data using the "SplitType": "Line" and "BatchStrategy": "MultiRecord" arguments and see if you have better luck.
  2. Look in the cloudwatch logs for your run and see if there's any helpful information about what the algorithm didn't like. You can find these in the log group "/aws/sagemaker/TransformJobs" in the log stream that begins with your job name.
answered 5 years ago

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