Running AWS elasticbeanstalk single instance mode in a private VPC


I tried to create an ElasticBeanstalk Single Instance in a private VPC (without internet) but failed with message like:

The EC2 instances failed to communicate with AWS Elastic Beanstalk, either because of configuration problems with the VPC or a failed EC2 instance. Check your VPC configuration and try launching the environment again

I have already created the VPC endpoints to various AWS services such as elasticbeanstalk, elasticbeanstalk-health and cloudformation etc. I have already added allow TLS 443 and 80 port from those VPCs inbound to those endpoints as well. Allow all outgoing traffic at the same time.

Is it possible to create a single instance EB env in a private VPC?

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According to docs it is possible to run in a private vpc. Double check your vpc has dns enabled (enableDnsSupport) and you have chosen the "Enable DNS name" option when creating the vpc endpoints (elasticbeanstalk and elasticbeanstalk-health)

answered 2 years ago
  • hmm, it seems no matter how I try, the error will always be "missing the internet gateway". I checked with AWS support and this is what they replied:

    unfortunately, it is not possible to create a single-instance Elastic Beanstalk application without attaching any Elastic IP address


    Anyone here actually created one successfully?

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