Is it possible to convert mp4 file into .mov with RGBA color space in AWS MediaConvert


Hi, I am trying to create a MediaConvert job, that will embed a video into another video (in some of the corners for example). I found out that the only way to do that is to use Motion Image Inserter section and to pass a .mov file there. There are some limitations about this .mov file, specified in the official doc:

So, I was able to prepare a .mov file out of mp4, but cannot see any way to change the color space to RGBA. I can use ffmpeg on following way: ffmpeg -i input_file.mp4 -pix_fmt argb -f mov

but I want to not use ffmpeg, but "pure" MediaConvert solution.

Is this mp4 -> mov with RGBA conversion possible at all?

Thanks for you time, Stan.

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1 Answer

As detailed in the AWS MediaConvert Motion Overlay referenced, the overlay source needs to be a .mov, encoded as an QuickTime Animation file (RLE), using the RGBA coloring. MediaConvert, in the Global Processor settings, nor in the QuickTime Container settings, does not offer the ability to create an opaqueness level for the overlay. It does a direct overlay of the file onto the video file being transcode.

Perhaps investigate setting any desired opaque level when creating the motion overlay source file. This would then allow the opaqueness of the overlay to be added on top of the video source.

answered 3 months ago
  • Okay, it sounds like this is a no-go if the integration between MediaConvert and Motion Overlay requires changing the input file in a way that MediaConvert cannot support. Is this something we can feature request?

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