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Hi there,

I have a third party app installed on my EC2 instance. It is using an address of http://localhost:8095/

I am wanting to share this to external users How do I do this please? Not sure where to start, if someone can point me in the right direction

Thank You

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"localhost" cannot be accessed from the outside, so you will need a public IP address etc. to access the EC2 instance directly.
Do EC2 instances have public IP addresses?
If you do not have a public IP address, you will need to configure one.

If a public IP address is set for EC2, please configure the EC2 security group to allow port 8095.

After adding a rule to the security group, you should be able to connect using the public IP address as shown below.
If you are unable to connect even after adding rules to the security group, there may be a problem with the settings on the web server side.

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  • Thank You! looks to be working atm :)

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