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When I signed up for AWS there was already configurations that were being used that I did not set up at all, I had never used the service before. There was Kubernetes, Lambda, VPC set up and activated in many regions, enabled. I tried to delete all of these things as I had no idea that AWS was being used without my knowledge. There was not even Billing set up so I have no idea how this must have happened. I cannot connect to a region Osaka and delete the instances and VPC configurations.

I am the root user, but there is something that doesn't allow me full access to my own account. For some background whoever responsible set up Google Cloud Services under my emails without Billing set up with instances running without me setting up the services. I check every device and capture traffic and everything points to a Nimbus cloud(configuration found from my cell service to internet), which I had to look up. Every device becomes infected when I download Chrome and the traffic coming and going from devices is DODNIC( on every port. I went into one console on US-East Virginia and it had past connections from US-Gov-East and US-Gov-West.

How do I take full control of my account and be able to delete regions and the configurations which I am unable to use? I need urgent help.

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Check IAM users and roles and check CloudTrail to see who and when created resources in your account. If IAM user or Role suspicious, remove it.

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answered 7 months ago

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