Can i move Lightsail Instance Snapshot from one account (test) to another account (production)?


Can i move one Lightsail Instance Snapshot from one account (test) to another account (production)?

  1. How it can be done easy way (amazon cloud storage?)
  2. How to do it cheaper cost.

I am new to lightsail. Just started ubuntu , created site and subdomain site and applied ssl. Updated the amazon using visual code sftp so far.

My next step is move my site from mediatemple to amazon to test site to test everything. Once all working i want to move to production instance. How to do it? Let me know.

Thanks alexk

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2 Answers

Amazon should have separate storage space that can be shared between accounts. It allos developers develop sites and transferred to production account and they can continue testing the developer instance. can you forward this request to aws team?

answered a year ago
Accepted Answer

I do not believe that there is a way to move Lightsail snapshots directly. You could move it to EC2 however on a different account. Here is how it work

Seems that Lightsail only supports the pre-bundled images that are part of that service but no custom image support.

answered a year ago

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