AWS NICE DCV 'No Session is available~~' Error


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hello :) I am a junior cloud developer using AWS. I am using NICE DCV as a product.

When you try to log in to the NICE DCV, a 'No Session~~~' error occurs as shown in the image. Currently, we are creating EC2 with Terraform using code that includes NICE DCV.

Result of asking through Chat GPT

user_data = <<-EOF
              yum install -y
              yum install -y nice-dcv-server
              yum install -y nice-dcv-gl
              systemctl start dcvserver
              systemctl enable dcvserver

              dcv create-session --type virtual --owner ubuntu popcornsar_session

It is said that entering the above code will solve the problem, but the same error still occurs.

I would like to resolve the Session Error that occurs every time I connect NICE DCV to EC2. help. If necessary, it would be of great help to me if you could provide specific guidelines and links.

Thank you. :)

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1 Answer

You can refer to NICE DCV documentation for installation steps.

AMI images with NICE DCV pre-installed are available from AWS Marketplace

Or you can deploy using cloudfromation templates from NICE DCV download site or Github aws-samples

answered 9 days ago

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