Where is Game Server Group tab in new gamelift console?


I have been integrating my backend game server with Gamelift Fleet IQ using the old console experience. I decided to give the new console a try and I am not seeing the option to view the GameServerGroups I create. Is this because it is a work in progress or is GameServerGroup/fleetIq going away?

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Jumping on this older question to point out that Amazon GameLift has since added GameServerGroups/FleetIQ to the new console experience. Check out Amazon GameLift's what's new post on the topic: https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2023/03/updated-console-amazon-gamelift/

answered 10 months ago


Amazon GameLift has also extended the integration into Amazon CloudWatch so customers can create their own dashboards and custom views of GameLift resources (source). One of those resources are your server groups, here is how. This will allow you to create a better dashboards to monitor all your GameLift resources along side all your AWS resources

answered a year ago

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