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I have recently enabled AWS Backup for S3 on several buckets to test how it works. I am using tags to select the appropriate buckets. Everything works great.

From that point, I then added the tag to our largest bucket (~1.1TB and ~8MM objects) so that it could get its first backup. The first night the backup ran, but did not complete. The status of the backup is: Expired and the error message is Backup job failed because there was a running job for the same resource.

The backup plan includes Daily, Weekly, Monthly for data retention purposes, and I have not had this issue with any of the smaller buckets. This is the only backup plan on this S3 bucket so I don't understand that error message.

Is it possible that it's taking so long it clashes with the next Daily backup? Is there any other way that I can take that initial backup so that all subsequent backups are incremental? (Do a manual backup that expires in 5 weeks or something - would all automated backups after be incremental?)

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Snapshot Backups

An expired state with a status message of Backup job failed because there was a running job for the same resource is caused by a backup that is still running, the following AWS CLI command will show all running backup jobs across all accounts that your default profile has access to. It will also show the percentage done for snapshot backups, but continuous backups appear to always show 0.0.

aws backup list-backup-jobs --by-account-id * --by-state RUNNING

If you would rather use the AWS Console, go to AWS Backup and search through the Jobs list for any running backups for that resource.

The running backup job will either eventually complete or expire when it reaches the end of the Complete Within period defined in your backup plan. You can also stop the backup if you think it is stuck, but it may be better to leave it for a few days. It took me a few attempts to get a backup to complete.

Continuous Backups

If you see an error message like Another job is already running against Bucket yourS3BucketName The backup job failed to create a recovery point for your resource arn:aws:s3:::yourS3BucketName due to missing permissions on role yourRoleArn. for a manual backup, that error occurs when the first continuous backup fails to complete before the Complete Within period has been reached. For schedules backups, you may get a failed state without an error message.

If you use the AWS Console, go to AWS Backup and check the vaults for expired backups. The S3 bucket will also appear under Protected Resources.

If you use AWS CLI, the following command with your appropriate values will show the expired recovery points (list-recovery-points-by-backup-vault), where the ARN for S3 buckets will be of the form arn:aws:s3:::s3BucketName.

aws backup list-recovery-points-by-backup-vault --backup-vault-name yourVaultName --by-resource-arn yourS3BucketArn --profile yourAwsProfile

If that is the cause is what I've described above, delete the recovery points with an expired state from the vault, even if the vault has vault lock in place, to allow backups of the resource to work again.

I assume that the continuous backup is trying to keep running even though the first backup failed and so it is the backup job running when you schedule a backup job.

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  • Appreciate your response. I don't have a continuous backup setup at this point (at least...I don't believe I do). Just the Daily, Weekly, Monthly jobs. And, if I do, there are no recovery points in place for this vault. It isn't currently listed under "Protected Resources" and there are no backups for this item in the Backups in my Backup Vault. Am I perhaps misunderstanding what you're suggesting?

  • No you are understanding correctly. I've only seen that error message in connection with daily continuous backups, but the recovery point appears in the vault as expired and it does appear in Protected Resources with a last backup, even though there are no successful backups. I've seen different error message when other backups fail to complete.

  • Sorry your right. I dug out the other error message. Your error is probably just that another backup is running, which is normal for large backups, but can also be a sign that it is stuck. It took a number of attempts before a S3 backup successfully completed at which point backups are incremental and so quick.

  • Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be it. I also don't see any Continuous Backups being created anywhere. So, I'm completely stumped. A follow-up question, possibly - does the manual backup create that first "snapshot" that's needed? Would that then lead to the Daily backups to become incremental at that point (even if I have a short timeout of the original backup)?

  • I'm confused. I started up the job manually (just to try it out) and it immediately gave the error message (Backup job failed because there was a running job for the same resource). As far as I know nothing else is working/running on that bucket. What else might it be?

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