How do you set data retention policy on IoT Sitewise time series store?


Going off this suggested architecture.

The suggested architecture for industrial IoT applications is IoT SiteWise for operational "hot" data store and IoT Analytics -> S3 for the "warm/cold" data lake. IoT Analytics allows you to set the data retention policy on its data stores. We don't want the "hot" data store to contain historical data when IoT Analytics -> S3 already handles that for us. Also, we want to avoid siloing data between SiteWise and IoT Analytics. Is there a way to set the data retention policy on IoT SiteWise?

I've already looked through the documentation for SiteWise, not sure if I missed something.

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As of today IoT SiteWise doesn't have such an option. Data stored in IoT SiteWise persists forever.

answered 2 years ago

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