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Workspaces are Blurry (WSP)


I'm having an issue with a few users in our environment that use the WSP protocol. The PCoIP protocol was giving us some audio issues (choppy, etc) so we migrated them to WSP which fixed the audio issues but now have complaints about slow pixel rendering.

For example, when moving the mouse, or scrolling on a webpage, the text is blurry for a brief second or two. This is somewhat expected due to the nature of data transmission but it's bad enough where it can hurt your eyes over the course of the day. I currently ping about ~30ms to US-EAST-1 and do not have these issues. The users in question ping about ~60ms and have noticeable issues.

We've tried Hardware Acceleration as well as High DP mode but that didn't seem to make a difference.

I remember reading somewhere that you can manually set the Workspace settings by going to either some .ini or .json config file on the Workspace itself for PCoIP machines in the following locations: C:\Program Files\Amazon C:\ProgramData\Amazon

Do these config files also exist for WSP Workspaces?

Any other suggestions?

  • My organization is experiencing the exact same issue. We have several users experiencing compression artifacts and pixelation after migrating their WorkSpaces from PCoIP to WSP. These users are connecting from their home ISPs, WorkSpaces network check all green, ping < 100 ms. Have you found a fix to this issue? So far all we can do is migrate these users back to PCoIP.

  • No, I have not found a solution and I did exactly what you did which was migrate them all back to PCoIP.

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1 Answer

WSP updates to improve frame rates are regularly being released, however I would like to revisit the audio issues at 60 ms with PCoIP. Typically, customers start to notice audio issues above 100 ms, so I think there is more to the story.

answered 10 months ago
  • I'd love to provide more context about our setup. Feel free to reach out or provide a way for me to reach you please.

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