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Recreate "monitoring" tab as a dashboard in cloudwatch


most PaaS services have a tab which is dedicated to monitoring. within you will see time series graphs of different metrics specific to those PaaS services. is there a simple way to re-create these graphs in cloud watch? it would be nice if there was some button which would allow you to recreate or at very least to be able to see the names of the metrics being rendered on the monitoring tab so that you could carry those metrics over into Cloud watch.

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3 Answers

You can navigate to Cloudwatch --> Dashboard --> 2nd tab --> Automatic Dashboards --->

All the running services will be visible there.

You could click on Add to Dashboard which will add them to the dashboard (to the master dashboard).

Hope this helps

answered 10 months ago
  • this is perfect and exactly what I was looking for. thank you!


Most of the monitoring tabs are prebuilt views into CloudWatch metrics. Some of them have options to "View in metrics" (or similar) that will take you directly to the metric in CloudWatch, and from there you can add to a dashboard.

Some of the Monitoring tabs don't have a way to directly link to CloudWatch, and so it's necessary to navigate to CloudWatch metrics to try and find the corresponding metric.

To determine the metric you're looking at in CloudWatch you might find the documentation helpful - for example this page documents the CloudWatch metrics for Redshift: and you might be able to map that back to what is displayed in the Monitoring tab.

answered 10 months ago

Hi Jeff

It sounds like CloudWatch Logs Insights is the solution to your requirements

CloudWatch Logs Insights enables you to interactively search and analyze your log data in Amazon CloudWatch Logs. You can perform queries to help you more efficiently and effectively respond to operational issues. If an issue occurs, you can use CloudWatch Logs Insights to identify potential causes and validate deployed fixes. See for further information.

I hope this helps answer or point you int the right direction to answer resolve your query.

All the best.

Chers, Jay

answered 10 months ago
  • Jay, I really appreciate the recommendation, but it doesn't really solve my problem. I am not looking to analyze log files. if you go into any PaaS service (example RedShift) and you go to an instance and from there you go to the "monitoring tab". this will show you time series graphs of metrics which are specific to the redShift cluster. i would simply like to understand the fully qualified name of the metrics being displayed so that we could recreate these dashboards (or parts of them) in Cloud watch.

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