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Hi, I have been analyzing the different options I have for running LLMs at the AWS cloud. I have seen in the console that I have available Claude Instant 1.2, Claude 2.1, 2 and 1.3.

Unfortunately, when I want go to the pricing section of AWS Bedrock, there is only price information for "Claude Instant" and for "Claude". I suppose that "Claude Instant" is Claude Instant 1.2, but what about "Claude" ? Does it mean that it is the same price for the different versions of "not instant" Claude?

I have seen this other post, but I would like a confirmation that these models have the same price.

Thanks in advance.

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Based on the pricing information provided on the Amazon Bedrock console, it seems "Claude Instant" refers specifically to the Claude Instant 1.2 model, while "Claude" encompasses all non-Instant versions of Claude (2.1, 2, 1.3 etc.).

Even though different Claude versions may have varying capabilities and performance, they would all fall under the same pricing structure when listed simply as "Claude" on the pricing page.

This is likely done to keep the pricing presentation simplified, while still offering customers access to the latest Claude models as they are released. As long as a model is classified as a non-Instant "Claude", the usage-based pricing would apply uniformly regardless of minor version increments.

The pricing likely remains consistent in this way to avoid confusing customers or requiring updated pricing documentation every time a new Claude version becomes available. As long as a model falls under the general "Claude" category in terms of type/size, the same pricing tiers apply.

Let me know if this helps explain how the pricing corresponds to the different Claude models!



answered 2 months ago

Now I understand, thank you!

answered 2 months ago

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