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stepfunctions-local: wait-time-scale has no effect



we are trying to use stepfunctions-local (Docker version) and Mocked Service Integrations to unit test our state machines. So far, it works great. The problem is, that the tests take too long, when there is a Wait or Retry logic in the step machine. stepfunctions-local execution waits the time that is defined in the state machine definition. I've seen that stepfunctions-local has the (rather undocumented) parameter WAIT_TIME_SCALE.

From the Docs:

Enter image description here

I've set it to 0 but the execution still waits the seconds we specified in the definition, which makes the unit test unnecessarily slow. Can you help me understand wether I'm doing something wrong? What is the WAIT_TIME_SCALE parameter anyway?

Thanks! Enes

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