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I transferred my domain to aws since the beginning of February everything was ok until this morning. everything was working perfectly and this morning no more site no more email...

when I do a #dig mydomain NS Where #dig mydomain MX ... I have nothing as if my domain does not know that the DNS are those of AWS but I can not do anything at this level, or I missed something.

My DNS zone is still present and has not changed

Thanks for your help

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Sorry to hear about your domain registration issues. Let's troubleshoot together:

Check domain status: Verify that your domain is still registered and active by visiting the registrar where you initially registered it.

Confirm domain transfer: Double-check with both your previous registrar and AWS to ensure the domain transfer completed successfully without any errors.

Review DNS settings: Verify that your DNS settings on AWS are correctly configured. Check the NS and MX records to ensure they point to AWS's DNS servers.

Allow for DNS propagation time: Keep in mind that DNS changes can take time to propagate globally. It may take up to 48 hours, although it often happens quicker.

Here are a few helpful links that you can refer to for further assistance with domain registration and troubleshooting on AWS:

AWS Documentation on Route 53:

URL: This documentation provides detailed information on managing DNS and domain registration on AWS Route 53. AWS Route 53 Troubleshooting Guide:

URL: This guide offers troubleshooting steps and solutions for common issues related to DNS and domain configuration on AWS Route 53.

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