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Source Data for TimeStream Database


Hi Team, i would like to know , what are the actual Data which gets feed into AWS TimeStream Database .
2) Is there any possibility that , if business wonot have any real time data to process into TimeStream database , then in that Case , can we Load Postgre SQL Write Ahead Logs Data to the Timestream Database ? my understanding that , write ahead logs are only used for postgre db backup / recovery / incorrect shutdown of DB , let me know and guide me.

Regards, Mangesh

1 Answers

Timestream data will have a Time, one or more Dimension and Measure data. Anytime you have to measure value over time, Timestream is the right database. Some of the example datasets are: IoT data(like sensor data), DevOps data, App logs, Video stream data(customers activity), Stock price data, etc...

Yes, you can load write ahead logs data and we have seen few customers do that. write ahead logs provides you with all the events.

answered a month ago

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