Workdocs Install Will Not Launch; Fails While Initializing


Fresh install on a brand new Dell machine (Windows 11). Install completes without error. I am prompted to choose our workdocs instance/site and login as usual. App accepts the credentials (which are confirmed correct) and closes to system tray as normal. Greyed out icon shows with and the message of "Initializing" shows while hovering over the icon. Then it just disappears and fails.

I've installed and set up Workdocs App on hundreds of windows laptops and never seen this issue. I can install and log in as this user, tested on multiple other machines.

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This is indeed very strange. It seems like there is some OS configuration limitation which not allowing WorkDocs to complete its initialization. As mentioned by you, only this machine is not installing WorkDocs correctly.

There could be several reasons as to why is this happening. We need to gather logs from your end to further investigate, But before that can you please perform the below action plan:

  1. Uninstall the Workdocs installer completely and then try to run the Workdocs installer. [1]
  2. Can you please restart the Message Queuing service to clean up message files. [2]
  3. Please refer to these articles which discusses the same issue and helped in fixing it.

[+] [+]

Additionally, If this doesn't help we would require WorkDocs drive client logs in order to further investigate and also deep dive into the issue to know the root cause. We would request you to Please reach out to us.

Get the logs from the PC: -> Open File Explorer -> Browse to the following location "%appdata%\Amazon\AWSWorkDocsDriveClient" -> Right click on the "logs" folder and click "Send to" and choose "Compressed(zipped) Folder"


[1] [2]

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