Allowing WHM to manage DNS Records from Namecheap


Hey guys

So, i want to start a small WHM server, i am currently learning cPanel and WHM, and i have a domain with namecheap, i would like to make it so that WHM can manage the domain records, so that i can make accounts etc but i dont get how.

I have heard of using Bind to setup nameservers, or using separate nameservers but i am not experienced enough to understand how that works.

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2 Answers

First off, I don't know cPanel or WHM at all.

That said ...

Is namecheap hosting the DNS?

I don't think cPanel or WHM would be able to manage the DNS for externally hosted domains.

You could setup a bind dns server, but that's pretty complicated and not recommended for those unfamiliar with it.

Does cPanel or WHM have a DNS management module so it can manage the bind configuration files?

David G
answered a year ago

I actually figured it out

  • Went to namecheap and used the create Nameserver option and pointed ns1 and ns2 to my server Public IP
  • Went to WHM and changed the default NS Manager to BIND
  • Added records for my domain on WHM and the nameservers

Tested and it all works now

answered a year ago

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