Multiplayer VR using UE5.1 and ec2 linux instance


I was creating a multi-player experience for quest using unreal engine and AWS because I saw .

I created a aws account just because of this documentation for VR multi-player.

I followed the whole documentation uploaded to my ec2 instance created apk for my 2 quest 2 devices and side loaded it with side quest.

But I have a problem when I open the map and press the connect button my position and the whole map just resets for both of my devices (Not at the same time but after few seconds) and they don't see each other and they don't even see the object interaction. In short words I don't think the multiplayer is working. There are no errors while building or launching the apk.

I am using Unreal Engine 5.1.1 and meta quest 2.

Thanks for reading and I would really appreciate everyone's help because I am not familiar with aws much and using it because I found this documentation.

If you need any other info do tell me.

1 Answer

This solution is not intended to sync object interaction between users. All of the synchronization is done in part 4 (just the head and left and right controllers).

As for the map resetting, I would first check to make sure that in your WidgetMenu the Open Level node for your Connect button is correctly opening the EC2 instance you created (by putting its public IP in the Open Level node).

If that is configured correctly, I would next take a look back at part 2 section 4 to make sure your maps are set up correctly in the settings.

answered a year ago

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