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We have a workload that uses a CloudFormation Stack to create Amazon Connect Quick Connects. The Stack has a fixed name: "AddressBook". When the workload starts (about once per week), any existing AddressBook stack is deleted and a new AddressBook Stack created from a fresh template. That all works good but we now have many instances of the AddressBook Stack with a DELETE_COMPLETE Status. It seems a waste of resources to leave these deleted Stacks lying around. How do you get rid of them, or am I worrying unnecessarily?

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As long as the resources from the Cloudformation are all removed and not being retained then those Delete_Completes are just record entries of past templates. They don't have any cost nor take up any service limit of your account.

answered 2 years ago
  • OK thanks for that. I'm a tidy sorta guy. Is there any way to delete them?

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