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Amazon Lex is not taking correct Voice Input


Hi team,

We have built one custom bot for one of the use case and we are using voice feature of Lex but the Amazon Lex is not recognizing the correct user input every time.

Can someone please help me on this

Thanks in advance

2 Answers

Can you be a bit more specific What language are you using Bot version The utterances that are not recognised What have you configured

answered 7 months ago
  • Hi, The Bot is on English(US) language and we are using the Alphanumeric Built In Slot type for this. AS we are only expecting the specific alphanumeric value from User so we don't have any specific utterances in that end (Utterances we have : {slotname}.

    And when user is giving input via voice like FA1234 bot is recognizing as FE120



If you are looking to capture spellings, you may consider looking into Amazon Lex's spelling support:


answered 6 months ago

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