glibc 2.27+ on Amazon Linux 2


There are binaries/apps which are build with newer versions of glibc 2.26 as provided by current AL2. I would like to request for newer glibc 2.27+ for AL2. Is it planned somehow already?

  • We're running AL2 and I'm trying to install NodeJS 18, which requires glibc 2.27. There doesn't seem to be a work around and AL2022 isn't yet available for production workloads.

    Come on, AWS - get with the program and update your stuff!!

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I've been trying to update GLIBC to 2.27, but kept failing. It says it's all up-to-date and GLIBC 2.26 is the latest verions.

I found this on AWS. Does this mean that I am allowed to use specific (2.26 version) GLIBC only and not allowed to update?

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Also, I tried to launch an EC2 with "Amazon Linux 2022", but I don't see an image for AL 2022.

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  • Unfortunately, AL 2022 is still in "release candidate" mode and not yet in GA, and there doesn't seem to be a plan about when it will become available. However, you should be able to test with AL 2022. I'm not sure why you can't find an AMI for it, but they are available, at least in us-east-1.


This does not seem helpful. For example every Lambda image (at the time of this writing ex: NodeJS v16) seems to have a version of glibc v2.2.6 released on 2017-08-02. We need a way to update glibc now?

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As described in the release notes, Amazon Linux 2 comes with GCC 7.3, Glibc 2.26, and Binutils 2.29.1 (see section on C Runtime, compiler, and tools near the end of the page).

Additionally, as noted in the FAQs, AWS will maintain user-space Application Binary Interface (ABI) compatibility for a specified list of packages in core, including glibc.

Based on these compatibility commitments, it is unlikely to see a move away from glibc 2.26 for AL2. As per the Long Term Support policy, AWS will continue to provide security updates and bug fixes for all packages in core until June 30, 2023.

For applications that require newer toolchain support, please consider the recently announced Amazon Linux 2022, which is currently in preview.

Going forward, Amazon Linux will provide major versions every two years, which will include new features and security and performance features across the stack, including glibc. For more details on the release cadence, content of major and minor releases, and Long Term Support policy, please refer to the Amazon Linux 2022 User Guide.

Amazon Linux 2022 includes glibc 2.34 (see release notes).

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I'm also in this situation. Has anyone found a solution?

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Did not solve it too with AL2. Consider switching to Amazon Linux 2023 that has a newer version:

ldd --version
ldd (GNU libc) 2.34
Copyright (C) 2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO
Written by Roland McGrath and Ulrich Drepper.

Hope this helps.

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