Allowing jupyterlab to show hidden folders in Sagemaker studio


How do i allow sagemaker jupyterlab to show the hidden folders / files on the left penel? I tried to modify jupyter_notebook_config and jupyter_server_config file and added the line c.ContentsManager.allow_hidden = True but still no luck. Is it possible to allow to show the hidden files. I Would like to be able to navigate to python library files within the python environment and modify them as I am developing.


  • What is the path of the files you want to access? Are they really hidden (ie inside a path starting with.), or just at a different root than the one shown by SM Studio?

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I understand that you are trying to view the hidden files and folders in Sagemaker Studio from the console and would like to gather more information on the same.

In order to be able to view the hidden files on my end, I created a file and made it hidden by adding a dot (.) at the beginning of the file, and I was no longer able to view the file from the file browser in Studio. Then I ran a few commands in the terminal, as below:


  1. Open a terminal in Studio.
  2. run “conda activate studio” in terminal
  3. Then run "jupyter notebook —generate-config" in the terminal and note the path of the file created for the next step, which should be /home/sagemaker-user/.jupyter/
  4. run "echo "c.ContentsManager.allow_hidden = True" | tee -a /home/sagemaker-user/.jupyter/" In terminal, this is the configuration we need to show hidden files and folders.
  5. Run "netstat -tulpn | grep :8888" in terminal to find the PID of JupyterLab.
  6. Run "kill <PID>" in the terminal to restart JupyterLab for the configuration to take effect.
  7. Wait for JupyterLab to restart.
  8. After restart, go to Settings.
  9. Choose Advanced Settings Editor.
  10. Under "File browser" Settings, check "Show hidden files".

After following the above-mentioned steps, I was able to view the hidden files and folders in the Sagemaker Studio.

If you have any difficulty verifying any of the above-mentioned points or if you still run into issues, please reach out to AWS Support [3] (Sagemaker) along with your issue or use case in detail, and we would be happy to assist you further.




[3] Creating support cases and case management -

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