Shared API Endpoint of MediaConvert across different AWS accounts



I've observed that the API Endpoint of the MediaCovert in my 2 AWS accounts are the same, and I've got 2 questions. Q1. Is this normal? Q2. If this is normal, will calling the same api endpoint in the AWS account 1 somehow impacts the MediaCovert service in the AWS account 2?

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Hello Yunxi, When creating a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) endpoint within an AWS account, AWS automatically assigns a DNS name as part of the endpoint creation process, The New Assigned DNS name Resolve the Private IP address of the Endpoint. The AWS-assigned DNS remains consistent. Incase you need to customise this name for Different VPC that is possible by using the Private Hosted Zones (PHZ). Each PHZ can have an Record that can resolve the Endpoint Private IP (Use Alias), then PHZ can be linked to Other Account VPCs (I am assuming that these accounts having rechability).

The VPC endpoint has its independent control policy, that can be used to enable a specification of who can use this Endpoint. This granular control is implemented through attaching Endpoint Policy.

answered 2 months ago

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