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can sagemaker batch transform process input files with new line character ?


example provided in the aws documentation ,, see sample input csv can be structured like a sample below. is there a link, to see the actual csv file that is used in an working example , instead of the sample posted in the docs. it is also mentioned that each record is one per line and no end of line character is allowed. what if the input type is other than csv, like json? do the same rules apply to json files as well, one record per line, or can one record be spread across multiple lines ,what about new line character in that case?

Record1-Attribute1, Record1-Attribute2, Record1-Attribute3, ..., Record1-AttributeM
Record2-Attribute1, Record2-Attribute2, Record2-Attribute3, ..., Record2-AttributeM

1 Answer

Yes, you will need to specify SplitType parameter ( Reference)

answered 5 months ago
  • @AWS_Anonymous - I was talking about the input file, the docs says assemble_with="Line" , this attribute is for assembling the output.

  • @clouduser, I see that. Edited the answer to reflect it

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