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AWS Organizations for Hosting Providers


We have between 15-20 smaller clients for whom we provide hosting services... typically static or ColdFusion/Lucee sites with backend SQL Server or MariaDB databases. We are considering migrating these clients to AWS, each with their own dedicated root account with appropriate user accounts. Instead, would it make more sense to use ControlTower and set up an organization where our company is "root" and then create an OU for clients, with each client being a sub-OU under that? The consolidated billing alone would be the first obvious benefit, but the centralized logging and security guardrails would seems to be beneficial as well. Is there a best practice or fairly standard recipe of sorts, for this type of use case? TIA for any info the community can provide!

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If you provide your clients access to servers and databases, there isn't really a need to for setting up an org for each client but create an OU or just an account per client/project like you said. This also works even if you are giving your clients access to their own AWS account as long as they are not looking for to build thing across multiple accounts and utilise org. features. Simple website hosting doesn't sound like would be interested in those, so keep it simple and follow the plan as you described it.

PS. If this is your core business, you might be interested in AWS becoming an AWS partner.

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answered a month ago
  • If you re-read my question, the proposal was not that each client get set up as a full separate organization, but rather each client become an OU under OUR single company organization. Again, for consolidated billing at the very least, but also for the other benefits that AWS Orgs provides.

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