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Hi, I'm a newbie taking the AWS Cloud Architect course on Coursera and currently on Course 1, Module 4, Exercise 7. I believe I followed all the instructions to a T and have tried it twice now and continue to get stuck on the following Task within the assignment:

Task 5: Testing the application In this task, you will stress-test the application and confirm that it scales. Return to the Amazon EC2 console. In the navigation pane, under Load Balancing, choose Target Groups. Make sure that app-target-group is selected and choose the Targets tab. You should see two additional instances launching. Wait until the Status for both instances is healthy.

My Status never goes to "healthy" state and keeps failing, "Unhealthy", "Draining" (Target deregistration is in progress)

Can someone tell me why this would happen and where i should check to correct this?

Thank you in advance.

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For targets to become healthy, The health check configuraiton needs to be correct and the Load Balancer must be able to connect to the target. Make sure that the security group allows access on the Target port from the LB. Same goes for NACL if ALB is in a different subnet.

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answered a year ago

You might also want to make sure that the application that is expected to listen in the port and path on which the health check is configured is actually running in the instance.

For eg: If the 'Health check protocol' is 'http' and 'Health check path' is '/' , Try accessing the path directly with 'http://EC2_instance_endpoint/' to make sure that it is running. If not, you need to do the needful to fix that for the health check to succeed.

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answered a year ago
  • I have the same question, but the ec2 instance is launched by the Autoscaling process. I can't assign this endpoint in advance?


Double check your configuration, maybe you have mistyped a value which is causing this issue

answered a year ago

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