AWS FACE RECANTATION not detecting many faces from video.


Facing issue - AWS FACE RECANTATION not detecting many faces from video. Wr are loosing many expected faces from video.

In our application we are using AWS face recognition services to detect faces from video. Earlier(4 months back) it is working fine and was able to detect many faces but now the recognised faces count is very less. We are losing many faces that we can see are present in video by naked eye. Service should be able to detect those faces.

So my question is, **Is their any changes in service or is their any restriction added to the service? **

we are using these services:

  1. start_face_detection (To Start video processing at amazon end)
  2. get_face_detection (To Get detected faces )
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Hi Niharika,

re:Post currently does not support private messages. We did recently release a new update to faces, but no drop in face count is expected. It's not clear why you might be experiencing it, and having access to video you are using might be helpful.

Since re:Post does not have DM support, and it's not recommended to post info like email, etc. on public forum, please create a support case through console for Rekognition (see doc below) and refer to your original post. It will get re-directed to the correct team, and we can start figuring out the issue you are seeing.


answered 6 months ago
  • Thanks, will check with my team.


Hi Niharika,

Thanks for reaching out. Let me check with the team and get back on what might be potentially causing this. No drop in face count is expected for the current service.

In the meantime, would it be possible to share sample video(s) where you are experiencing issues?

answered 6 months ago

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