Cannot delete volumes and network interfaces



I tried to launch an EC2 instance on one of my VPCs, and after going thought the whole wizard process and hit "Launch"... it started launching my instance but it did not appear on my list of EC2 instances.

Tried a second time with same results. No EC2 instance anywhere.
Tried a third time and the instance launched just fine and appeared on the console.

The problem is that in the process two volumes where created but not attached no any instance. The same happened with two network interfaces with public IP addresses being used.

The volumes are:

  • vol-060ea8ce16c792fca
  • vol-058bcc5a282161a23

The ENIs are:

  • eni-06ef1eb05b54a055b
  • eni-0a650987096f26644

I can't delete these resources, nor the resources associated with them (VPC). Please help me deleting these.

Thank you,


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Hello andyolivares,

I am sorry to hear about the issues.

Can you please try to detach the volumes (their state appears as 'in-use') manually using EC2 Console \[1] or using AWS CLI \[2]?

Also, can you please try to detach the ENIs manually using EC2 Console \[3] (using the Network Interfaces page) or using AWS CLI \[4]?



answered 3 years ago

Forgot to mention that buttons for detach appear grayed out in the AWS console.
Trying from AWS CLI reports an error of resources being "in-use".

So, cannot detach nor delete those resources. They seem to be "in-use" by a ghost EC2 instance.

answered 3 years ago

Also, even "force detach" does nothing :(

answered 3 years ago


I have checked the 2 volumes and the 2 ENIs and they now show as in "available" state. Are you still experiencing any issues or have the issues been resolved now?


answered 3 years ago

Yes, I was able to delete them now. Thank you!

answered 3 years ago

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