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I have a running RabbitMQ instance on AWS (AmazonMQ service). As I started the amqp/ssl (port:5671) schema is supported default but I would like to add amqp (port:5672) to the supported port list.

Can someone help me how I could do that?

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When using an AWS managed service like AmazonMQ, one of the benefits is that best practices are enforced. In this case SSL/TLS is being enforced, so you won't be able to enable non-TLS amqp on port 5672. There are some more details here on what configuration changes you can make for RabbitMQ. Is there a use-case you can share? I may be able to help out with alternate solutions.

BR, Chris

Chris C
answered 2 months ago
  • I have a plugin for Unreal what communicates only via amqp protocol and I thought I would add amqp schema next to the amqp/ssl.

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