S3 block public access and simplified routing for S3 Static Website Hosting feature



I am hosting two frontends on two different S3 bucket as static website using CloudFront as CDN which is secured using TLS/SSL ACM public certificate. I have a couple of questions around the same, in order to use the bucket as a static website you need to make your bucket and objects public (security constraint), else you need to go through Route53 way where you need to create DNS record entries. We are using Cloudflare for creating DNS entries so how can we fill that gap of not making bucket and objects public.

Secondly my question is how can I use only one bucket to host both my application and storybook pipeline (another application) and will have different routes (URLs).

Please guide!

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answered a year ago
  • @Gary Mclean, I have one question on this https://repost.aws/knowledge-center/cloudfront-distribution-serve-content, here it is mentioned that S3 is used for static content and ALB for dynamic content which is fine. My query is if it is possible to have one S3 bucket serving static content of two applications from the same bucket and if yes how can we better organize the structure of handling objects inside it.

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