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AWS GameLift local supported API



Is there any list of GameLift API supported by GameLift local? Seems like not all API are supported. E.g. when I call aws gamelift list-fleets --endpoint-url http://localhost:9080 I get the following result: An error occurred (ApiNotSupportedException) when calling the ListFleets operation: API GameLift.ListFleets is not recognized by GameLift Local.. I use GameLift local 1.0.5.

Having such a list will be very convenient for users.

Thanks in advance!

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Please take a look at this doc for documentations on GameLift Local, though I see that it doesn't contain what you are asking for in this post. Here is the list of APIs that GL Local supports as of the time of this writing:


I have created 2 backlog tasks to add the documentations in the README as well as AWS docs.

GLIFT-14861 GLIFT-14862

answered a year ago

Thanks! That's exactly what I wanted to see in the documentation :)

answered a year ago

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