CentOS 8 removed, CentOS 9 added yet CentOS 7 remains?


In lightsail We note that CentOS 9 steam has been added to LightSail on the sly with the complete removal of CentOS 8. However, CentOS 7 remains?

What is the status with relation to CentOS 8 in lightsail?

We as a company need to reassurance as given the above move by AWS with no mention anywhere on the LightSail news blog has got us spooked even more so.

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Indeed, the documentation here lists CentOS9 and erases CentOS8.
This leads me to believe that CentOS8 itself may not be able to create a new one with lightsail.
Well, I would not be surprised if CentOS8 itself is no longer available as it is nearing EOL. (Although I wonder why CentOS7 is still around...)

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answered 9 months ago

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