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[Announcement] Driver update required for Amazon Redshift ODBC Driver earlier than 1.4.10 on Apple macOS


Amazon certificates used to sign the Amazon Redshift ODBC drivers on Apple macOS will be rotated on September 4 2020. If you use driver versions 1.4.10 (AmazonRedshiftODBC- or higher you don’t need to do anything as these drivers have been signed with the new certificate.
If your ODBC driver version is earlier than 1.4.10, please download and use the latest driver from Amazon Redshift website as soon as you can. The older driver will fail to load on Sept 4 2020.
To check the current Amazon Redshift ODBC driver version in use on your macOS, open a terminal and run the command “pkgutil —info”:

$ pkgutil --info  
version: 1.4.13  
volume: /  
install-time: 1589727710  

Check the output for the version section, if the value is less than 1.4.10, you would need to download and install the latest Amazon Redshift ODBC driver for macOS before September 4, 2020.
To download and learn more about using the Amazon Redshift ODBC driver, see the documentation at the link below:

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