does S3 signed url (for put request) support Content-MD5 header?


Hi, I tried to create a Signed URL and upload text file to it with Content-MD5 header. but the response shows "There were headers present in the request which were not signed". I am using C# SDK. I could not find the options adding Content-MD5 header to signed URL.

is this meant that the pre-signed URL does not support content-MD5?


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  • Thank you for your comment!

    yes, i have. but the document menthions about Put Object. In my case, i want to upload (put) object using Pre-Signed URL. also i want to send MD5 content together. My question is, in other words, is it possible to create a Signed URL that includes Content-MD5?


I do not know why, but SDK for .NET does not have MD5 Option. TGetPreSignedUrlRequest.
On the other hand, SDK for Java has this Option. with MD5. Therefore, it is possible to use Content-MD5 with pre signed URL, i think.

answered 10 months ago

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