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Send set of Python files to AWS S3


I need help because I need to create an executable in Python that is running all the time and that every 100 photos I send them and so on until I reach a thousand. To give it context, a system was made in Python (arduino, jetson, etc), which through a camera takes photos from 1 to 1,000 but the photos are all uploaded to a folder created by the same system when the photos are finished. photos. I try to find a way to send the photos taken by groups of 10-20 or 100 and not wait for the 1000 photos to finish taking and then upload them. And the connection is through Boto3, if there is any other better connection or that can help me, it is also helpful

asked 6 months ago15 views
1 Answer

Hello A good understanding of the system is needed to be able to suggest possible solutions. The boto3 lib can be plugged into the system to collect and upload these file. By and large how the system works is needed to help.

answered 5 months ago

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