Is it possible to get paused in SES for reasons outside of the account?


Basically, I have an account that was paused this morning...the account health dashboard looks phenomenal (0.34% bounce rate, zero complaints for the account). We seem to be following best practices regarding emails only going to users who have requested them, offering opt out of email notifications, etc.

I am struggling to find the reason behind us being paused and AWS support will give no information other than "Do some things, tell us you did some things". How am I supposed to know how to remediate the issue if I have no idea what the issue is and cannot seem to find any flaws in our current system? With such a great health, how can we be paused?

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Amazon SES might pause your SES account’s ability to send additional emails for one of the following reasons:

      If the bounce rate is more than or equal to 10%.
      If the complaint rate is more than or equal to 0.5%.
      If an AWS SES account was already placed under review and the issue wasn’t corrected before end of the review period or if the AWS SES account was placed under review several times for the same issue.
      If the email sent from the AWS SES account has violated the AWS Service Terms.

Note: This won’t impact any other AWS services in the AWS account. However, service quota increases for any AWS service that sends outbound communications (such as Amazon SNS) may be denied until the AWS account’s ability to email sending is restored.

I would reach out to AWS Premium Support or the Technical Account Manager on the same to check if the above are not the issue OR this has happened frequently.

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answered 2 years ago
  • Support sent me here. None of the 4 reasons listed are applicable. According to our health dashboard we have less than half a percent bounce rate, no complaints (at all), have never been under review and did not violate any terms.

    We have since been changed from 'paused' to 'under review' but still, no information has been given as to the reasoning, only things they recommend (which we already seem to be doing all the necessary steps so its hard to tell them things changed).

    If I understand you correctly, the only way to get an answer is to pay for premium support?


Unfortunately, yes. I would recommend going for a developer plan which is the cheapest option and provides basic level support & reach out to the AWS accounts and billing team and request a review using the basic plan. Hope this helps, if yes, please click on the accepted answers button in the post.

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answered 2 years ago

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