The "new" Amazon ECS Console is missing fundamental options like container command overrides


The "new" Amazon ECS Console, which is an opt-in experience, is missing important functionality. One such missing function is the ability to specify a custom entrypoint or command override for each container defined in an Amazon ECS Task Definition. This makes the usage of the "new" console almost impossible, and I have to fallback to using the old console.

When is the "new" ECS console going to be usable?

  • Agreed with original concerns here, just wasted like 20 minutes looking for those parameters on the new UI, knowing I had used them in the past to make some Task Definitions that are currently running.

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This feature has been logged with the ECS team and will be reviewed.

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answered 2 years ago

Hey There - As per latest console update fields to add per container Entry point, Command and Working directory override is now available under docker configuration.

Docker configuration

answered 6 months ago

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