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When I try to update doc ver I get a code 404


I am trying to upload a document via the Java SDK v1 using the code from this example:

Everything goes well until I call the complete_upload() method, which in turn tries to invoke an updateDocumentVersion() method - which fails with an UnauthorizedResourceAccessException.


  • uploading works (or seems to)
  • downloading works
  • other operation wich as getting subfolders and getting documents in folders etc work
  • updateDocumentVersion() does not work

I have initialized the client with the access key and secret key of a IAM user to which I have given permission of type "WorkDocs: FullAccess".

Any idea about why the updateDocumentVersion() returns an UnauthorizedResourceAccessException?


asked 3 years ago19 views
1 Answer

Issue found: it was a bug in my code, I was not properly setting the versionId. It is worth noticing that the error was way misleading...

answered 3 years ago

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