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ECS Docker labels: valueFrom


Hi everyone! Is there a way to inject a Parameter Store parameter into a Docker label value?

That can be done for the environment and logging variables via the valueFrom option but the Docker label values are ordinary strings, and I would like to avoid creating a new task definition just to update the e.g. version.

Any thoughts and ideas are appreciated!

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Unsure which IaC you are using, but with AWS CloudFormation, you could use {{resolve:}} as documented here:

Hope this helps ;)

answered 22 days ago
  • As luck would have it, we're still not using any kind of IaC and cases like this one only reinforce the need for such a solution. Thank you for the idea! I'm gonna accept the answer; if anyone else comes across this, feel free to add to the discussion :D

  • If you are interested in simplicity and starting your IaC journey, checkout ECS Compose-X ( I will put in a PR to allow a valueFrom on some properties, that's a good one, like what you are asking for. Dynamic configuration FTW.

  • Hey John, I apologize if if this isn't the right place for this question but it's the closest I could find to a DM: I wanted to ask if there is an ETA (either a concrete or an approximate one) for the aforementioned change? Any kind of estimate will do :D

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