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Manually set S3 replication status


Some of my S3 objects have a replication status of FAILED or in other cases I had objects in the S3 bucket before replication was enabled which now have no replication status None. I have since resolved the issue with the failed objects and copied all of them to the replicate manually (As re-uploading was not an option).

To aid monitoring of replication I would like to set the replication status of these objects to COMPLETED. Is there anyway to do this?

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Accepted Answer

Thanks for your question. You highlighted two different cases, the first was FAILED objects and the second was the existing set of objects before replication was enabled.

For FAILED objects, your option for re-replicating and moving them to a COMPLETED state is to copy those objects within the source bucket. You can copy the object back to the same key, creating a new version and re-replicating the object. A lifecycle policy could then be used to expire previous/noncurrent versions of objects if desired. When copying the objects manually, there is no way to change the replication status of the object, it is only updated via replication.

For existing objects, you can activate replication of those objects using the guidance on this page:

answered 2 years ago

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