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I want to auto sync files from one of the WorkDocs folder to S3. I am following this blog Step 7 shows Enabling Notification at site level. Is there an option to Enable Notification in Manage Notifications at folder and Subfolder level?

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Unfortunately, notifications within WorkDocs can only be used at the site-level as stated or at the user-level. There is currently no way to enable notifications on individuals folders/sub-folders. I will list some alternatives to achieve the same functionality outside of WorkDocs.

  1. Set up a Lambda function that periodically polls the lastModifiedTimestamp of files in your target WorkDocs folders using the WorkDocs SDK. If there are new/updated files, have it trigger an SNS notification that mails/texts you. This gives you custom folder notifications but requires writing code.

  2. As a simpler alternative to #1, use CloudWatch Events to periodically run an AWS CLI command that lists the files in your WorkDocs folders of interest. Check if there are new files compared to the previous run, and use the CLI to publish SNS notifications if so. Still involves coding/scripts.

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