Include request_datetime from S3 file in Athena table - table made by Glue


In my early steps on the S3, Glue and Athena services, I managed to create a table with Glue, with respect some parquet files in an S3 bucket. Every 30 minutes a new parquet file, with same columns, is added to a folder in S3.

The first time that Glue created the table there was a request_datetime column (additional to the data of the parquet files) with the datetime of the push to the S3 folder and in this way I could filter in Athena for rows with respect to the request datetime, so it was helpful.

Some hours later, I cleaned my S3 bucket and wanted to start clean, but this time the table created from Glue didn't include this column.

So the question is: How can I include this column with this information about the request_datetime?

The request_datetime is part of the filename that is pushed to the s3 every 30 minutes but I think it is also available from the request data.

Thanks in advance for any assistance :)

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