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/New account from Organization is not able to do any CodeBuild functions/

New account from Organization is not able to do any CodeBuild functions


The problem is, that I have created new Organization and accounts there on custom OU. I didn't apply any SCP or other kind of restrictions there. But still, when I try on child account run the CodeBuild job, got the error: "Build failed to start. The following error occurred: Cannot have more than 0 builds in queue for the account".

Did anyone spot such an issue? How it can be resolved?

2 Answers

Hi, I have seen this before and it had something to do with the account not fully ready yet. Best is to create a AWS Support ticket for this.

Best regards, Indra

answered 6 months ago

I have seen this when cscore of the account trying to run CB is not higher than 300. the cscore needs to be higher, you can bump that by running ec2 instance or maybe open a support case.

answered 6 months ago

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