Did php 8.1 under Beanstalk intentionally drop pcntl support?


I use some pcntl functions in a couple php cli apps. I have been using Beanstalk and php for years. I am in production on 8.0 and these functions work fine. I just tried upgrading to php 8.1 but pcntl is not compiled into the php module in Beanstalk. I understand that is necessary to use these functions.

It is easy to verify. This command shows pcntl is enabled on 8.0 but shows nothing in 8.1

php -i | grep pcntl

The specific functions I use are: pcntl_sigprocmask pcntl_sigtimedwait

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1 Answer

Looks like AWS fixed this in Beanstalk platform v3.4.1

php --version
PHP 8.1.9 (cli) (built: Aug 23 2022 21:25:19) (ZTS)

pcntl support => enabled
answered 3 months ago

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