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Hi All ,

I am trying to get back to cloud , i have been in management for some years now and lost track of all the technical stuffs. But i am starting now with Amazon AWS.

Ok i tried to setup a new EC2 instance for my test (I am using Free tier) but i get the below error .I am unsure why this is the case. please could you let me know what i am doing wrong?

I have setup my VPC , Security group and S3 Bucket.

When launching my first instance , anything special i should do first ? Thanks Enter image description here

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It is really strange that you are not seeing the list of AMIs populated. Your screen should have looked like the screenshot I have attached. Is this reproducible consistently? Which AWS region are you in? If this is the first time you tried and ran into this issue, I will request you to try one more time to launch an EC2 from scratch.

Enter image description here

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