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Athena query: Insufficient Lake Formation permission(s): Illegal permission combination


I have configured a data lake using Lake Formation and Glue to populate and upsert the database and tables. This upsert includes assigning LF Tags to each table and column (for LF Tag-based governance). I'm trying to query the table using Athena, with an administrator level user account, plus Lake formation permissions on LF Tags, datalake administrator, database creator, and permissions to the s3 data location resource. However, when I query a

select count(*) from table

on Athena, I'm thrown this error:

Insufficient Lake Formation permission(s): Illegal permission combination (Service: AWSGlue; Status Code: 400; Error Code: AccessDeniedException; Request ID: 6280c520-8891-4461-8a7e-2e6bbb5a2fec; Proxy: null)
This query ran against the "raw" database, unless qualified by the query. Please post the error message on our forum  or contact customer support  with Query Id: 2f3f0e09-0cda-4e07-a390-80689a66c022

I've tried adding all possible permissions to access the data, but still can't run a query using Athena. Can someone spot what I'm missing out?



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1 Answer

Try unselecting IAM Access Control from Lake Formation Menu -> Settings or on database level (a checkbox) depending on your setup.

Considering your error it seems both types of permissions (IAM and Lakeformation) are used which is not allowed

Check also these resources:

answered 8 months ago

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