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Help deleting orphaned Lambda ENIs?


I am trying to delete a VPC subnet but I can't due to orphaned Lambda ENIs.

I am seeing 3 ENIs connected to the subnet (which I'm trying to delete) under network interfaces within the EC2 configuration section.

The ENIs in question are all pre-fixed with AWS Lambda VPC ENI- and I'm unable to delete them.


  • I have removed this subnet from the Lambda VPC Configuration (and any versions)
  • Two of the named Lambdas no longer exist
  • They have been in this state for at least 3 weeks if not more

ENIs: eni-0b86ffce0ca45c937 eni-082c7cfda48e304e8 eni-0a1b06ae1ff6f54c7

Could someone please help me to remove these?

asked 5 months ago259 views
1 Answer

There might be other Lambda functions still connected to these ENIs. You may follow this guide to find any other any Lambda functions and function versions that are still using the network interface and how to delete the ENIs.

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answered 5 months ago
  • Many thanks, the subnet has been removed. The script pointed me to exactly what I needed to cleanup. Thanks!

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