Enabling DNSSEC in Lightsail & NameCheap


Hi, sorry if this is too basic stuff but I've recently read that DNSSEC is very important for site security. Now I'm hosting my site on Lightsail and I purchased my domain on NameCheap. I point my nameservers to Lightsail. NameCheap does have a DNSSEC function and I can easily enable it for my domain. after enabling it they are asking for 4 parameters "Key Tag, Algorithm, Digest Type, Digest" which they say that I need to get from my hosting provider. Where do I get the necessary information to fill in the dnssec fields? what needs to be done in that case to enable dnssec for my domain and increase security?

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Here is the instruction of how to enable DNSSEC. DS record is required to enable this feature but Lightsail Domain doesn't support DS record now. Will report this as a feature request to Lightsail PM.

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answered 3 months ago

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